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Zipolite Beach Animation


Year of production:2009

Running Time: 0:58 secs


Stop Motion Animation using cut paper

Inspired by Zipolite Beach in Oaxaca Mexico

L'etude de Mains Tricotant


Year of production:2009

Running Time: 0:59 sec


Hand drawn color animation of hands knitting.
"L'etude de Mains Tricotant" with music from Pierrot la Fou.

Siobhan's Holiday Movie


Year of production:2010

Running Time: 1:26 min


Cut paper animation with music by Kevin MacLeod. Each "character" and the backgrounds are made of paper cut out and hand drawn using colored pencil. Each individual piece was moved then photographed for a total of 465 images. The individaul frames were then linked together in iMovie and edited with Final cut Express.

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